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shutterstock_78866161Fall is the perfect time to make sure your home ready for the deep winter cold! Though we may not think about wit, winterizing your home can save you a lot of money and stress down the road. Think about winterizing your home before the snow starts flying – is much easier to enjoy these tasks in the warm weather instead during the deep winter chill!

Here are some of the tasks you can do to make sure you and your home are ready for the winter once it arrives:

Clean the Gutters

Gutters play an important role in protecting your home from issues, such as water damage. Be sure to clean your gutters, removing any built-up leaves and other debris. If the water is not easily draining from your roof, it can lead to ice build up during the winter and cause damages, such as your gutters falling off.

Get your Furnace Inspected

Your furnace is your friend during the winter! Make sure you’re going to stay warm this winter and stay safe. Have your furnace inspected by a professional to ensure that it is running smoothly and won’t run into issues once it needs to be regularly used!

Trim any Large Tree Branches near House

Take a tour of your yard and look for any large tree branches that could pose a safety hazard to your home should an ice storm occur. Branches heavily weighed down with ice and snow could snap off the trunk, and if near the house or electrical wires, could cause damage.

Fix any Drafts

Take a walk around the house, inspecting any potential draft problems! Check around doors, and fix any potential draft areas. In particular, check your windows. Replace old, drafty windows, or at the very least, cover them with plastic to help prevent any cold winter winds from making their way into your home. You can find some DIY quick fixes for drafty windows here.

Seal Foundation

Take a look around the foundation of your home. If you have any entrances under the house, close them off and seal up any cracks. Critters will find their way under your house, so to prevent a critter issue, close up the entrances and cracks.

Clean Your Chimney

Before you fire up your fireplace, considering getting your chimney cleaned. If you use your fireplace a lot during the winter, build up can occur and pose a fire and safety hazard, as well as cause smoke damage to your home’s interior. Have a professional come into inspect and clean your chimney to ensure that you’re staying safe while you’re stay warm this winter!

Turn off Outside Water

If you have a water system for your backyard, be sure to turn off any taps to prevent freezing the lines and causing damage. Sprinkler systems, hoses, and outdoor taps all need to be winterized.

Check Your Fire and CO Detectors

With the change of seasons, it’s always a good idea to check the batteries in your detectors. With the furnace running, fireplace on, and more time spent indoors, it’s a good idea to check your various monitors.

Winterizing your home helps retain value, can prevent costly repairs down the road, and will give you the peace of mind that you have done everything you can to protect your home and your investment! So, while you’re enjoying the fall weather, take some steps to make sure you’re ready for the winter season as it slowly sneaks up!

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