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Many people think that the chill and busyness of the Christmas season will keep buyers away. Who wants to go venturing out during a season meant to be spent inside a warm home with friends and family? However, Christmas is a surprisingly good time to sell for many homeowners!

People are planning for the changes that will take place in the new year, from a growing family to a new job offer. Furthermore, selling your home at Christmas will bring the serious buyers to your home – those who are willing to venture outside and take the time in between family get togethers and preparation for Christmas, to shop for a new home. With that in mind, how can you maximize the potential for a shopper to become a buyer? Try taking advantage of some of these unique aspects to selling your home at Christmas!

Curb Appeal

Each season bring with unique opportunities to create a welcoming presence for the outside of your home. Curb appeal is not to be overlooked, and Christmas lets you dress up your door, steps, and driveway with festive colours. Think about adding some Christmas planters to sit by your door or on your steps, and who doesn’t love a beautiful wreath on the door?

Decorations: A Little Goes a Long Way

When thinking about decoration both outdoors and indoors, remember: less is usually better. Avoid the look of colour and consider refraining from displaying too many family Christmas sentimental pieces.

Lots of Light

With the shorter days and colder weather during the season, nothing welcomes visitors like the soft glow of lights. It conveys warmth that evokes thoughts of family, cozy evenings, and the joy of the season.

Christmas lights outdoor should be strategically placed to accent the areas of home you love – perhaps on peaks or along the driveway. Don’t go overboard, but lights helps create an festive and home-like feeling.

Warm Scents

Before anyone coming to visit your home, consider freshening up the air with delightful scents that will be sure to please! Don’t overwhelm the home, but consider some warm Christmas scents that will create a heartfelt and cozy welcoming for anyone who walks through your door.

Reduced Competition

With the perception that Christmas is a less-than-ideal time to sell, you will face less market competition, increasing the likelihood that you will receive a high offer and not face the pressure of needing to lower prices to compete with other homes in the area.

Clear the Path

With the snow and ice of the season, be sure to avoid any accidents or falls on your property by keeping your driveway and walkways clear! People will notice if it is not done and it could hinder potential buyers from wanting to venture further in!



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