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shutterstock_128049920It may be nothing new to hear that tasteful landscaping can add value to your property. And what your ears hear, your eyes confirm since we can all agree that excellent landscaping makes a home or property much more appealing! Leaving a strong first impression on potential buyers is key to selling your home, and outdoor landscaping is a great way to significantly boost your chances of making a terrific first and lasting impression!

Landscaping is a long-term investment – while offering immediate rewards of beautiful backyards and gardens, it can also increase your home’s value. Even if you’re not looking to sell your home in the near future, investing now will reap you many more rewards should you decide to sell your home down the road.

According to a study conducted by Virginia Tech, landscape can increase your home’s value anywhere from 10 to 12 percent. A further breakdown of this statistic shows that design sophistication makes up 42% of the value added to the home, plant size was 36% of the value added, and the diversity of plants was 22%.

With design sophistication and plant size weighing the heaviest in the amount of value added, there are some steps you can take to make the most of these numbers!

Hire a Professionalshutterstock_244372168

As much as having a great landscape design increases your home’s value, it stands to reason that poor landscaping can decrease and negatively affect your home’s value. Hiring a professional landscaper will go miles in ensuring your landscape not only looks terrific, but will have the long-term effects you’re looking for.  A landscaper is able to incorporate existing structures into the design, can work with the natural terrain, and design according to the site conditions and what will grow best. They are able to visualize your property’s entire design, coordinate colours and textures, and work with a variety of landscaping material and features. It’s worth the investment!

Keep it Classic

Choose materials and plants that are timeless pieces. The last thing you want when trying to sell is for your property to look outdated, part of a trend that’s past and gone, or be too unique and individualized that it doesn’t appeal to a number of people. Stick with materials that will be easily updatable should they require it in the future!

Invest in Trees

According Landscape Ontario, trees can enhance your property’s value from anywhere between five and 20 percent. Furthermore, planting trees for optimal shade conditions on your home will help improve your energy bills in the summer and overall home efficiency!

Add Lighting

Landscape lighting is a terrific feature that not only looks good, but increases your home’s security and can help bump your home’s resale value up! It also makes your property much more versatile – able to be fully enjoyed in both the day and evenings!

Curb Appeal

Pay attention to your home’s look from the end of your driveway or the road. It will make the strongest impression on anyone coming to view your home. Planters, stone, colour, and texture can work together to create the curb appeal you’re looking for! Choose plants that have varying leaf shapes, heights, and colour without it becoming too ‘cluttered’ looking. Think base colours and neutral shades with pops of colour! As your plants grow, your home’s value grows. A tasteful mixture of trees, shrubs, and flowers can quickly become your strongest first impression maker!

yard-main-wagonMaintenance Required

As with any feature in your home, maintenance will be required to keep up your home’s appeal. You have to put in some work to make sure your plants are growing well and staying healthy. You can choose low maintenance plants, but at some point there will come a bit of work to make sure they’re performing to the best of their ability! Consider things like putting mulch down – not only does it look good, it will also cut back on the amount of weeding required.

If you’re looking to kick your curb appeal up a notch or if you’re looking for a full-scale landscape makeover, keep some of these things in mind! It’s always a great time to be putting thought into your landscaping and property value. Invest today and reap the rewards for years to come!

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