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iPM Agency

Delivering Rental and Property Management Service with Excellence.

Built and developed over the last twelve years, iPM Agency is a full-service property management and rental company that strives to serve each of its clients with exceptional customer service, offer the best management services for property owners, and provide the best care for tenants. I strive to build meaningful relationships with owners and tenants that are centered on communication, trust, and excellence and work to build close-knit communities with both tenants and property owners.

iPM Agency began with my experience and long time investment in rental properties. During these various investment processes, the best part for me was getting to know and build relationships with my tenants. I thoroughly enjoyed offering unique services that offered high quality ‘middle of the road’ living and helped make any real estate transition process much easier for my clients – whether needing a place to rent between selling and buying; selling your home and needing permanent residence in an apartment; or temporarily renting while your house was being renovated to be prepared for selling.

Having worked to build strong working relationships with various companies in property and maintenance-related industries, I offer specialized and professional services that ensure that you receive the best property management possible. iPM Agency’s services include:

  • Rentals
    • Residential Properties: family homes, multi-family units, apartments, condominiums, senior living, duplexes
    • Commercial Properties
  • Property Management
    • Residential, Commercial
  • Leasing – Commercial and Residential
  • Renovations
  • Staging to sell

Rental Property Owners – I can help maintain your property to ensure that your investment keeps its value and continually promotes positive relationships with tenants. From inspections and various maintenance requirements to listing and showing of properties to perspective tenants, iPM Agency takes the hassle out of managing your rental property! I am available 24/7 to help meet any needs that might arise!

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