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When looking to buy or sell a home, many people will consider not hiring a local real estate agent, wondering if it’s really worth the investment. However, choosing a local agent is one of the best moves you can make! If you’re thinking about moving into a neighbourhood or looking to sell your home, you not only want to hire an agent, but you’ll also want to ensure that your agent knows the area very well. This often comes from a combination of background education and length of time buying and selling within a particular area. While this seems fairly simple, people can often overlook its importance!

Knows the Local Market

Choosing an agent with knowledge of the area helps situate you best in the local market. Part of an agent’s job is to have their finger on the pulse of the market and keep in tune with trends and overall patterns. They will understand where areas of growth are and have a better forecast of the overall value of a home based on its location and local market trends.

Understands Importance of Location

With knowledge of the local communities, an agent will be able to direct you to areas that will suit you and your family best. Knowing the ins and outs of particular areas adds valuable information to your purchasing decisions. For example, finding neighbourhoods that are family-friendly versus areas that tend more towards student housing or others. These can all make a difference in your decision of where to buy.

Trained to Understand all Aspects

Based on knowledge and experience, a real estate agent will be able to help you negotiate through ALL facets of buying and selling your home. There are things like negotiation tactics, paperwork, closing requirements, showings, inspections, land tax, and so many other factors that come into play. Dealing with all these moving parts without the experience or education is overwhelming, making hiring a professional agent the key to buying and selling with much, much less stress.

Local Trade Knowledge

One of the biggest benefits to having a local agent is their insight into local businesses. Particularly useful in the real estate industry is knowledge of the local trades scene. Having a reliable tradesperson or company to call on is one of the most valuable tools an agents can have on their tool belt. Trustworthy trades sources can help in the areas of renovations, building maintenance, safety, landscaping, home inspections, and so many more. These are all vital parts to selling and buying at the best price possible.

As your local real estate agent, I am proud to support local trades right here in Lambton County! I strive to maintain good relationships with business and trades in the area to ensure that each of my clients receives the best, most comprehensive care for their home. Some of my trusted sources would be Handy Hubby for help and work in the area of renovating and upgrading, particularly in landscaping. You can check out some of their work here. I would also recommend Charles Pefier of Champion Home Inspections in Sarnia, Ontario for anything related to the task of home inspections. Find out more here.

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