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shutterstock_115567654Fall is one of the best seasons to sell your home! With the explosion of beautiful colours and relaxed atmospheres as people settle into their routines for the upcoming winter, fall offers many natural benefits to selling your home.

As you stand in your yard and survey your home and property amongst the continual soft falling of leaves, here are some things to keep in mind to make the most of your selling opportunity:


Keep the Yard Tidy

With the descent of your trees’ leaves, it can be a challenge to keep your yard looking tidy. As much as the colours add natural beauty and appeal, having loads of leaves covering the yard, decorating the porch, and creating a surface cover to your pond can also leave a negative impression on buyers! Try and keep up with raking and cleaning up leaves as much as possible to ensure you have great visual balance.

Be sure to tidy up your gardens as well. Remove any plants that look poor after the hot season, clean up brush, deadhead your plants, trim back unruly shrubs, and weed well!

Take Advantage of Curb Appeal

Use the natural colours to incorporate your home’s look into the overall natural setting! Complement autumn colours by taking extra care with decorating your front steps, being sure to find the right balance between decoration and looking too cluttered. Think about how the colours work together to avoid clashing.

Have Your Home’s Furnace Inspected

Be proactive and have your home’s HVAC system inspected. Buyers will want to know that the home’s heating and cooling system is maintained, up-to-date, and reliable for all seasons. This will save potential buyers a step and hassle after the home is sold!

Think About Lighting

Find ways to add extra lighting to your property and home. In the fall, people typically enjoy thinking about cozy days inside during the upcoming winter. Make sure you have lots of light indoors, mixing softer lighting for cozy sitting areas and open light in the working areas, such as the kitchen. With the shorter days ahead, try to add lighting to your outdoor property as well. Ensure your porch lights and lamps are working and consider adding more if it’s lacking. Also, think about adding landscape lighting. All these factors will help add value, as well as appeal to the fall buyer!

Declutter and Keep Clean

Consider decluttering your home! Not only is this a great way to add visual appeal, but it will help you in the long run while you’re packing up your home and moving. Be sure to be extra conscious of keeping things clean and tidy – consider doing a thorough ‘spring clean’ for your home. Get your carpets and furniture cleaned, wash all the windows in your home (inside and outside), and add that extra clean sparkle to your kitchen appliances and countertops!

Get Comfortable

Think about how comfortable your home looks to potential buyers, particularly with winter in mind. Consider adding pillows to your couches (without cluttering), adding a extra throw blanket or two on the beds and sofas, having a log or two sitting in the cleaned out fireplace, and providing sitting areas in sunny locations in your home!

Putting thought and effort into making your home appealing during the fall season will help sell your home and get you the best value for your investments in your property and home!

For more tips on selling your home this fall, contact me! I can help you find the perfect home this fall, sell your home, and create the best appeal for your home!

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